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Dr Mr Bell,


At the start, like the majority of people, I went along with the first lockdown, furloughing, etc. even though it came in rather late.  We knew very little about the new virus that we faced. But, now, I cannot go along with the lies, scaremongering, double standards and immoral behaviour of our leaders and, so called, ‘advisors’.  The damage that their actions have done has already resulted in non-treatment of serious conditions by hospitals, depression leading to suicides, loss of jobs etc. etc. this damage could outweigh the damage that the actual virus has done, and will do directly.

It seems that Johnson has accepted a trade off – lots of deaths from other things and destroying the economy just to say that his lockdowns work.  And to make things worse we have flawed data causing this predicament. 


Many questions need answering but I, like millions of others, no longer trust the government to give a truthful answer.


Why did they use Imperial College epidemiologist Neil Ferguson’s predictions? To say that. his past record was not very inspiring would be an understatement.


Ferguson’s record

He was behind the disputed research that sparked the mass culling of eleven million sheep and cattle during the 2001 outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. He also predicted that up to 150,000 people could die. There were fewer than 200 deaths. . . .

In 2002, Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people would likely die from exposure to BSE (mad cow disease) in beef. In the U.K., there were only 177 deaths from BSE.

In 2005, Ferguson predicted that up to 150 million people could be killed from bird flu. In the end, only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.

In 2009, a government estimate, based on Ferguson’s advice, said a “reasonable worst-case scenario” was that the swine flu would lead to 65,000 British deaths. In the end, swine flu killed 457 people in the U.K.

Last March, Ferguson admitted that his Imperial College model of the COVID-19 disease was based on undocumented, 13-year-old computer code that was intended to be used for a feared influenza pandemic, rather than a coronavirus. Ferguson declined to release his original code so other scientists could check his results. He only released a heavily revised set of code after a six-week delay. 

Ferguson’s model also was used in Sweden. It predicted that Sweden would have 82,000 Covid-19 deaths by 1 July. However, the total number of Swedish Covid-19 deaths by that time was less than 4000.

Come this time next year , if we have the real data and Furguson’s predictions of 500,000 deaths is discredited (as many eminent scientists have ascertained) and the advisors are seen by the public for what they  are, then the government are in serious trouble.



The virus is not as bad as first predicted


The pie chart above shows deaths in the UK for September. Graph compiled by Latimer Adler 25thSeptember.


We have a virus that is nowhere near as dangerous as was initially stated.  Accurate numbers of deaths from or with the virus is vague, to say the least.  


It is a virus that has serious implications for a small number in society. Compare our numbers to Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan etc.. Compare us to how Sweden has done.  Taiwan never even had a lockdown, while lockdown measures in Vietnam, New Zealand and China were early, short and sharp. Out of a population of 1.4bn people, China has only suffered 4,634 Covid-19 deaths; Vietnam, Taiwan and New Zealand together have had 67. How are these countries keeping Covid-19 under control, their health services running, and their economies and societies afloat?


And as for deaths…when will we know the numbers? How many autopsies have there been to actually confirm death as covid? If anyone ‘tests’ positive and dies within 28 days it is recorded as covid. I know of elderly people who had such disease as Alzheimer’s – they, sadly, passed away but had covid on the certificate. The ‘with’ and ‘from’ covid needs to be addressed.


Just some honesty would be nice to see.  


Contradictions and lies


So many contradictions- we were told that masks were no use at the start but are life savers now.  Even cloth, homemade masks will save your life.  Give us some credit. 


If social distancing works, why wear masks? If masks work, why lockdown, if lockdown works why do we need a vaccine and if vaccines work why are big pharma immune to prosecution?


Before any lockdown began, every single study of the effectiveness of masks showed it of no value. This was repeated by every expert (including Fauci), politician and even, the not so credible, WHO on numerous occasions. 

Any newer studies that would say the opposite should be carefully analysed for study integrity (as was the case of the retracted lancet study critical of Hydroxychloroquine).


Furthermore, there is no RCT study with verified outcome showing a benefit for health care workers or community members in households to wearing a mask or respirator. There is no such study. There are no exceptions. Likewise, no study exists that shows a benefit from a 

broad policy to wear masks in public.  If there was any benefit to wearing a 

mask, because of the blocking power against droplets and aerosol particles, then there 

should be more benefit from wearing a respirator (N95) compared to a surgical mask, yet 

several large meta-analyses, and all the RCT, prove that there is no such relative benefit. 

Masks and respirators do not work.


A virus is one ten thousandth of one millimetre!

I heard an immunologist say that using one of these is like using a cattle fence to stop a mosquito get through.


We have to wear a mask when not sitting at a table in a bar or restaurant. 

Let’s suppose that the masks did work and the virus was in the air as you walk past a person who has it and sneezes.  Brilliant, your mask will stop it.  The virus is on the mask.  You take the mask off when you sit down, touch your food or mouth, eyes or nose and… oh dear!! Also… who will throw the mask away after 1 use? I see so many people going in and out of shops, restaurants etc. no gloves on, putting the mask on, pulling it down.  If this virus is so dangerous, why aren’t we seeing signs on the streets to BIN THE MASK? Where are the ‘safe’ bins to dispose of them?


Hancock’s rule of 6.  Where is the science behind that?  

It’s ok to have 32 children, without masks, in a class, the virus won’t harm them.  One child could bring home particles from the whole class!  But as soon as they go home, as long as there are no more than 6 in the house - everyone is safe? If there are 7, the virus suddenly knows? After 10 o’clock it suddenly becomes dangerous in pubs and restaurants? Is the virus nocturnal?? 


People are laughing at our Dictator! But this is no laughing matter!


The government has its ‘advisors’ who seem to have an agenda but we are not stupid.  We can listen to experts - nurses, doctors, microbiologists, immunologists – all who have no other motive, no hidden agenda, as in the scientists involved in the Barrington Declaration.


They want to educate us and for us to see the truth.


The accurate tests


There are, also, questions as to how accurate the tests are. I know of someone who was showing the symptoms and had 2 tests within a couple of days. One came back positive and the other negative.  He had the symptoms!!


And as for Matt Hancock and his statistics regarding testing and false positives. According to Carl Heneghan, professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford and director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, his figures are way out.  According to the evidence and figures available, the chance of accurately detecting the disease could be around 50 per cent.


The lockdowns that we are having are, also, based on false data. 


In early October – when asked about testing, Boris replied,  “It only works in 7% of the cases”.  Also, a quote from the government website, “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.” 


And the inventor of the test Kerry Mullis, before he died last year was interviewed about the PCR test – he said,

It is …”A process of making a whole lot of something out of something.

It doesn’t tell you that you were sick.

It doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with was going to hurt you.

With PCR, if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody.

If you can amplify one single molecule up to something you can measure, which PCR can do,  and there’s very few molecules that you have don’t have one single molecule of, in your body.

That it can be thought of as misuse to claim that it is meaningful.

The measurement is not exact at all.

It is a process of making a whole lot of something out of something.”


Put all this together, along with the dubious amplification cycles, and the data is flawed – what are lockdowns are based on?


Also, a quote from the government website, “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.” 


Hancock appears to be conning the public.  All along, we have been told that the actions taken have been based on the increase in cases, which are lies!!


One rule for them and one rule for us!


Hancock also put poorer areas on lockdown while exempting wealthy Tory areas with the same infection rates.  One rule for us and….

Thousands of doctors and scientist officially question the path taken by the dictator and his cronies and agree that he is not doing the right thing in imposing lockdowns.  When will he listen?


We had the predictions that we could see cases rising exponentially and many more deaths by the middle of October – if they follow this exponentially everyone in the country will be infected by Christmas and the population wiped out sometime next year!!


In Liverpool the army are being used to rollout flawed testing and a flawed disease classification process.  Liverpool have been used as a scapegoat despite cases, hospitalizations and deaths having already peaked before lockdown.

The most Covid-19 patients Liverpool has had over 3 hospitals is 30.

If a hospital can't cope with 10 patients on mechanical ventilators there's something wrong.

Boris bought 30,000 of these things back in April. The whole country is using just 1,200 right now.

With the flu data being bundled together with covid data by the ONS and false positives – what is going to happen in Liverpool?  It is the time of year when hospital beds are taken up with patients, especially older, with respiratory infections.  Indeed the ‘cases’ in Liverpool are reported to be on the decrease but will we see the people having more of their rights stripped from them?


Cure and vaccinations


There are hundreds of doctors globally using treatments successfully to cure Covid, many with no fatalities. 

Trump told the truth about Hydroxychloroquine and apparently Regeneron was used as part of his treatment. 

Hydroxychloroquine has been proven to work with zinc and an antibiotic but the corporate scientists routinely lie about it because it’s cheap and the big pharma crooks cannot rip off billions selling a vaccine we obviously don’t need.

Dr Richard Bartlett uses another medication a steroid inhaler which also works.

So clearly, they are lying - anyone can spend two minutes on the internet and find hundreds of doctors saying the same thing
Patients are dying needlessly because Covid can be cured quickly and easily with existing medications.


The dictator is now touting a vaccine from Pfizer (would you trust them? - paid out $2.3 billion in a recent lawsuit) that is ‘apparently’ 90% successful, against a recovery of over 99% without. Even he is supposed to have had it and recovered.  He is not a picture of health and certainly doesn’t appear to be the fittest of 50 year olds but he recovered.   


Vaccinations are a very contentious issue.  The WHO, in December, last year could not categorically agree that they are totally safe. 

How long did it take to develop a Chicken Pox vaccine for licensed use? 25 years.  Why have the American Government paid out over $4 billion in compensation regarding vaccines?  Why are the big pharma immune to prosecution if their vaccine hurts or even kills someone?  If they believed in their product and it was 100% safe they would not have to do this. 


Bill Gates has said that he can get a return of $200 billion on an investment of around $10 billion.  During Gates’s 2002 MenAfriVac Campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates’s operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Between 50-500 children developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for drug makers.” Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philanthropic practises as “ruthless” and immoral”.

Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017.


Only a couple of months ago, I may be wrong, but when addressing some nurses, did Boris not state that anyone who is against a vaccine for the virus… “Is nuts”?

A very silly thing to say when the WHO cannot say that they are 100% safe.

By the way, this nutter voted for you. 


Students are to blame


And now, we had students being blamed for the spread of the virus, when they have been encouraged to go back to university taking on debts of accommodation.  It is quite a stressful time for some students, in normal conditions, facing staying away from home for the first time.  With lockdown, students will be isolated, causing more stress and mental health problems and possibly more suicides. From the start they could have stayed at home and conducted the lectures online with family support. This would have reduced stress/debts and possibly suicides.


Johnson now comes across as a Dictator with a team of self-promoting, egotistical liars who are out to make a lot of money with their connections to the pharmaceutical companies.


An economical disaster! 


The Dictator has borrowed more money, in the first 5 months of this year, than the government did in the year after the crash in 2008! Borrowing has now hit more than £2 Trillion.


The measures should have been debated openly in parliament from the start.  It is refreshing to see Sir Graham Brady and  more Tory MPs standing up for democracy and forcing the government to agree to allow Parliament to vote on any “significant” future coronavirus measures.  I must, also, applaud Sir Desmond Swayne for his speeches questioning the handling of the virus by the government.


Have the WHO and governments been acting illegally?


I don’t know if you have heard of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich?  He is one of the most powerful lawyers in the world, a consumer protection trial lawyer in Germany and California.

He has successfully won huge lawsuits against Deutsche Bank and Volkswagen fraud, and is one of four lawyers who are members of the German Corona Investigative Committee. The committee is made up of lawyers, doctors, and scientists who together have reached the conclusion that lockdown may well be the greatest crime against humanity in history. 

He and his team are filing one of the largest international Tort Cases in history, possibly the largest. And he has the WHO in his sights. If he wins then there could be serious implications for governments and those supporting and implementing unlawful lockdowns. 

I wonder why the WHO have suddenly come out, now, with the line that lockdowns don’t work? By the way, we pay around £52 million each year to the WHO and only take their advice …when?

Over here we have many lawyers standing up for our rights and challenging our government, apparently Michael o’Bernicia has stated - Notice of Private Criminal Prosecution for pandemic fraud has been served upon every serving MP, for and on behalf of the British people.

– could be very interesting for those who voted for a lockdown.


Fast declining support


Many thousands of supporters are turning their backs on Johnson and consequently the Conservatives.  He is very fortunate to have an opposition party that cannot provide a credible challenge, at the moment. If another party comes along with morals and electability then the Tories are doomed. 


Your votes are borrowed and you have to look where they are borrowed from. 



As I put the finishing lines to this email, I read that:

  • it has, apparently, been proven, in court, that after wearing a mask for 2 hours it becomes dangerous for the wearer.

  • The BMJ have released a scathing report condemning the government’s handling of the situation.

  • In Italy the police are now taking the side of the people.

How true the above statements are, I do not know as I have not factchecked them yet.

But one thing is for sure, the people are not taking the BS (I do not use the term lightly) that is being put out by the dictator, any longer. I have him on video, so many times, saying one thing then at a later time, not only contradicting it but denying that he has said it. Absolute BS! Check out Peter Stefanovic for the lies!


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