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According to NHS England there were 8166 free beds in December 2019 compare that to 12,663 available in December 2020, and that's with the NHS cutting back 13,000 beds due to reconfiguration and social distancing in wards. actually 17,497 more free beds than 2019? 


It is worth noting that the NHS has been underfunded for years (but that is another debate) and, due to constant testing of the NHS staff this year, with inaccurate tests giving out false positives results, nurses have been forced to self-isolate, it is no wonder hospitals have been understaffed.

Nightingale Hospitals

Nightingale Hospitals include - East London, plus eight other NHS Nightingale Hospitals -in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Harrogate, Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast and Bristol. 


The NHS Nightingale hospital in east London has 4,000 beds, 

Initially the facilities in Birmingham and Manchester will each have 500 beds, but the Manchester site will eventually have potential for 1,000 beds, with Birmingham housing 2000.

The Bristol facility will be furnished with 300 beds. The Harrogate hospital will have 500 beds in total.

NHS has also roughly doubled its ICU capacity on its pre-existing locations to 1,555 beds.


Total Nightingale beds: 9,855 available.

Plus all the beds made available at your local hospitals


Reported Hospital cases in the last 12 months: 13,946


SUSPECTED Cases for last 4 weeks of the year: 392.


Do these figures say that there are not enough beds to cope?



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