We have been reading, for a while now, that the virus has not been 'properly' isolated.  I read about it in August last year - when the CDC admitted that they had no evidence for an isolation - it was on their website and freely accessible.  (On the right).

I could not find proof that it didn't exist and waited for evidence that it did.  I read a lot about virus theory , exosome theory , over and over to get some understanding.  I, eventually, found some evidence of the isolation but the research papers were, according to many experts, flawed.

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As Christine Massey explains -

"Without this isolation step having been performed (followed by controlled experiments and other necessary steps), there is no way to claim scientifically that the alleged “novel coronavirus” blamed for widespread death/disease/lockdown measures actually exists.

Without this step having been performed, and followed by the necessary controlled experiments, and independently replicated, all claims of this alleged virus are nothing but wild, unscientific, fraud-based speculation backed only by fraudulent science, fraudulent tests and fraudulent diagnoses."

It was only a matter of time.  Around the world, 'experts' have been requesting proof of Isolation so... here we go... below is just a snippet - there is a lot more if you follow the link, below.

The links that you see in blue do not work from my page as I have used jpg pictures from the original documents. 

Click this link to read all the original  information and documentation.

We have this excellent information from Christine Massey MSc - many thanks.

Yes, we know about the many, many published “SARS-COV-2 genomes” and “isolation” claims – they’re bogus

We do realize that many researchers claim to have “isolated SARS-COV-2”.  I’ve written briefly about some of those papers in the past (i.e. here and hereand here).

We’ve looked at all of the “SARS-COV-2 isolation” studies ever brought to our attention, and have yet to see one where they accomplished any such thing. Claiming to have done something and actually doing it are sometimes two different things, even in peer-reviewed science.

And yes we are aware that thousands upon thousands of so-called “SARS-COV-2 genomes” have been published. However these “genomes” were in fact manufactured, not discovered.

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