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Swab Tests in Schools


JUNE 10 -
The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.

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Parents are, rightly, becoming more concerned about swab tests carried out on their children.

Are schools carrying out all of the necessary health and safety checks needed for this invasive test?  Will there be lawsuits further on down the road?

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Dr Daniela Cavagino's report states "...during the EO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilisation process, it is also possible the formation of 2-chloroethanol (or ethylene chlorohydrin, ECH)2, which is classified as a hazardous substance very toxic by inhalation and skin absorption"

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So it turns out the COVID TEST is exponentially more dangerous to human health than COVID itself, which has a 99.97% complete recovery rate. 


If you stick this literal poison up your child's nose you could potentially kill them easily, when there is statistically ZERO chance they will die from it if you don't

Click the image to see how they are trying to conceal it.

A friend expressed concerns, did some research and found out more. Below we see what the swab contains and where the money goes.


I withdrew consent for my daughter to have lateral flow testing, in her school, as I have concerns not only about the need for asymptomatic testing but also about the invasive nature of the procedure (inserting something high up in the nasal cavity near the permeable blood-brain barrier).  I also have my doubts about what is contained in the swab itself.  I've tried to research the composition of the swab but I can't find this information online.  I e-mailed the Health & Safety Officer at the school to enquire as to the composition.  They say they have contacted the company (presumably Innova) and will let me know when they have a reply.


They did however send me the leaflet that accompanies the test.  In it it just mentions nasal swab (optional materials, scheme B)? 


I did discover that the school tests were distributed by a company called Tried & Tested in the UK.  On looking on their site,, the very bottom of their website states Copyright 2020, Disruptive Nanotechnology Ltd.  This company is a member of the World Nano Foundation.  Their website also references The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, 'Changing the Game on Testing'.  Partners of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Microsoft and the Rockerfeller Foundation.


UPDATE 2/04/21

Next stage -

I rang Staffs Co Council Education Dept. and spoke to the Health and Safety Advisor, Steve Brown.  I outlined my concerns about the test swab sterilisation using Ethylene Oxide which is highly toxic and carcinogenic.  I added that it is unknown how long the testing will be rolled out for, which will only serve to prove more dangerous to children.  He stated that they are issued with kits from Public Health England/NHS and instructed to distribute to schools.  He said that he ASSUMED that the test kits were safe else they wouldn't be distributing them.  I asked if he had any paperwork to back this up and he hadn't.  


He did say that he had been looking at a few newspaper articles over the weekend that mentioned this but that he found no concrete evidence of the tests being unsafe.  I asked if he had had any contact from anyone else concerned about the safety and he said that he hadn't personally.  I asked whether, as a Health & Safety Department, they had concerns and had done any independent investigation, but he said no, Public Health England PRESUMABLY had done tests and they accept this.  I reminded him that we are still in trials with the 'vaccinations' and they had been rushed through on the basis of Emergency Use so testing had not been thorough.  


He advised that I take my concern to Public Health England.  I told him that I appreciate he has a job to do and that he is doing as he is instructed but feel that we all have a duty of care to ask questions on behalf of children who will not do that for themselves.

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