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Many Thanks to Richard Braithwait for this excellent piece

‘Informed Consent’ v Educated Decision’

The whole debate is causing such division and some people are really showing their rather ‘unpleasant’ and ‘judgmental’ side, so, with that in mind I thought I’d put something together so that we can intelligently navigate this challenging landscape in a logical, rational and peaceful way. This post isn’t going to enter the arena of ‘pro v anti vax.’ That’s for another day. Rather, it’s important to be specific and focus on the one main topic - the proposed ‘vaccination’ for SARS-Cov-2. So what then is ‘Informed Consent?’. Click on the link;

Did you read it? All of it? The points to pick up are these; Informed Consent only applies when it relates specifically to a medical procedure or intervention, and the advice given is then to explore and understand clearly the risks, benefits or alternatives to that procedure or intervention. So, for example, this would clearly relate to let’s say, an operation or a session of treatment for a chronic disease etc. Things like ethical and legal obligations of the medical practitioner need to be addressed in case things don’t go to plan.

Regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, things differ slightly, as vaccine ‘laws’ come under a different category as they’re not a ‘procedure’ or an ‘intervention’. It’s a crucial point to make and distinguish between when deciding as to whether or not you’ll go for the ‘jab’. It might interest you to know that none of the current vaccines have actually been licensed! Instead the FDA have given their authorisation for ‘emergency use.’ This differs massively as the procedure that a vaccine has to go through in order to be licensed has been ‘fast tracked.’

The procedure vaccines go through (and this is questionable), takes many years of research and must past rigorous safety and efficacy standards. Trials and tests need to be done with placebo groups (in double blind studies - not done) over a period of years, with all adverse effects monitored. Before entering into the human domain, long term studies should always be carried out on animals first. This normally takes around 10-12 years (minimum).Please explore this for yourself. Here’s a link to get you started;

So where am I going with this? Before deciding on whether or not it’s wise to take any vaccine, there’s a list of things one should take into account and consider; 1) What’s in the vaccine? 2) What data is available to prove not just efficacy, but efficiency too. 3) What’s the long term cost/benefit to my overall health? 4) Will the vaccine prevent me from contracting the disease it’s proposing to protect me from? 5) Will the vaccine prevent me from spreading the disease to others? 6) What adverse affects might I experience? 7) If things do go wrong, who is liable legally for my care?

So, back to point. You can’t base your decision by answering any of the above questions because the information just isn’t available, apart from the answer to question 7 - the answer to that is no one! And that’s no light matter. The battle to claim for the vaccine injured is one that I would recommend everybody look at. In the US more than 4 billion dollars have been paid out for the few % who managed get their cases heard ! And here in the UK we don’t fare much better - just take the Swine flu vaccine;

You therefore need to make an ‘Educated Decision’ rather than an ‘Informed Choice’ if that makes sense. And how does one do that? I use a process that’s tried and tested, and I’d recommend you do too. 1) Identify the problem - Covid protection / treatment / vaccination.

2)Collect data and information.

Worldometer, ONS, PHE, dashboard, clinical trials, adverse reactions, survival rate, viral patterns (based on previous pandemics), immunology, epidemiology, virology and statistical analysis.

3)Look at all alternatives, preventative methods, treatments and recovery rates.

4)Weigh the alternatives, cost / benefit analysis and formulate an action plan.

5)Make an educated decision based on the evaluation of steps 1-4 and stay with it.

6)Monitor the progress whilst constantly watching the alternatives. Sorry if that sounds like hard work, but it’s a serious topic after all.

I can absolutely guarantee, that if you do the above and research deeply and thoroughly you will arm yourself with the information required to make your ‘Educated Decision.’ Facts really do speak for themselves when you remove the emotion of fear that most people are being led by in this current climate. I’ll sign off with a couple of videos and a news report that tells you what you need to know regarding the covid vaccine and it’s risks Please view, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Be blessed

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