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This guy explains why the only way anyone can 'catch' a virus is through injection. 


So, is that why they were pushing the flu jab so hard at the start of 2020? 


Click the picture to watch the video.

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Viruses (Latin for poison) are exosomes; secretions of toxic cells. Exosomes are a result of disease, not the cause. Exosomes facilitate healing by removing toxic cells.

A virus cannot reproduce because a virus is dead. Actually it was never alive, it’s a lifeless protein. A virus cannot live without a host. A virus is NOT transmittable. A virus is NOT contagious.

And who made these viruses? Ourselves, our own cells. A virus cannot be a parasite because it is not alive. It's just some useful information for our own cells.

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Viruses have never been isolated, their existence have never been proven. They are the result of wrong assumptions made by Louis Pasteur (Germ theory), assumptions Pasteur retracted just before his death. These wrong assumptions created antibiotics, vaccines and many drugs and only serve big pharma. Antoine Béchamp proved the opposite with his Terrain theory.

If you get a virus (a deep detox) you need a virus. Nature doesn’t make mistakes. So stop believing that a virus attacks you from the outside. This is complete nonsense. A virus occurs because you’ve been blocking your natural ability to heal.



In order to prevent the introduction of compulsory measles vaccination in Germany, on November 24, 2011, molecular biologist and virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka offered prize money of 100000 euros to anyone who could present a scientific publication proving the existence of the claimed measles virus and stating the diameter of the virus. Dr. Stefan Lanka, who knows from his own research work of many years that there are no disease-causing viruses and cannot exist from a biological point of view, hoped to trigger a reformation of medicine through this action. The young physician David Bardens thought that these 100000 € would be easily earned money and brought an action against Dr. Stefan Lanka, who dismissed the presented studies, which allegedly would prove the measles virus, as insufficient. This resulted in a legal dispute that lasted for years and was finally won by Dr. Stefan Lanka in 2016. Thus, it was proven by the highest court that until today there is no scientific proof for the existence of the measles virus. By the way, this applies to all so-called viruses claimed by medicine. 


In this series of articles published by Dr. Lanka himself, the legal dispute at that time and the background can be read. A must for everyone who still BELIEVES in the disease-causing virus hypothesis.



The articles begin in 2014 and end in 2016 and should be read in order for better understanding

Author Dr. Stefan Lanka - September 4, 2014

On 24.11.2011, I distributed a newsletter via the internet, offering to pay € 100,000 

to anyone who presented a scientific publication proving the existence of the 

alleged measles virus and indicating the diameter of the virus. 

As an indispensable prerequisite for being able to claim the price by legal action, I have 

stated the conditions of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) and, on the basis of this law, I 

have justified why the requested publication must come from the federally owned Robert 

Koch Institute¹ (RKI): The RKI has been obliged by this law since 1.1.2001 to conduct 

independent research on the causes of the alleged infectious diseases and to publish it.

As an expert in this field with a doctorate and myself a "virus" discoverer - I isolated the 

first giant virus² from the sea, from which we now know that the cell nuclei of our cells 

have emerged - I knew that the RKI could not carry out such studies, because disease-

causing viruses do not exist and, with knowledge of biology, cannot exist.

The background to the process is that I have been asked several times by the federal 

judiciary what can and must be done to prevent the measles vaccination that is regularly 

required. A public prosecutor, who realised that the infection theories were wrong and 

dangerous, asked me to revive an old idea of mine, to create a competition about the 

existence of a disease-causing virus.


Reprint of the competition of 24.11.2011

The measles virus

100.000 € reward!


The diameter


Dear Sir or Madam!

The background to the current wave of publicity for the idea that measles is caused by a 

virus and that vaccines should therefore be implanted is the fact that in September 

vaccine expenditure fell by 19% compared to the same month last year.

As the most expensive sub-market, flu vaccines, has fallen by as much as 29% because 

swine flu is still having a negative impact on sales, the German government has decided 

to promote measles vigorously.

At first, it flooded the population with hundreds of thousands of brochures "Vaccination 

protection for the whole family", the main purpose of which is to promote measles 

vaccination, arguing that the virus is fatal and dissolves the brain.

Immediately after the brochure was distributed, the WHO began advertising measles and 

claiming 26,000 confirmed cases since 1/1/11 in 53 countries, of which 14,000 would be in

France. This has fuelled fears of an imminent pandemic coming from France.


The prize money


Subsequently, in early November, the German government announced that the vaccine 

licensing authority, the PEI, had succeeded in proving that the measles virus would 

spread via the trachea. In addition, it was planned to use attenuated measles viruses in 

cancer therapy, as the "particles shrink tumours".

On 9 November, it was claimed that 164,000 people die of measles each year and 55 

million become infected. In mid-November it was claimed that measles cases in Berlin 

had doubled and severe courses were occurring.

Then the Berlin Health Senate issued a measles alarm: "The current situation requires a 

review of their previous scepticism towards vaccinations, especially among enlightened 

people," says the current Health Senator Katrin Lompscher (Die LINKE)³.

So if German researchers are working with measles viruses on behalf of the federal 

government, there must be documentation of this research, especially as these viruses 

are to be used to make vaccines and these particles are to be used in cancer research. It 

is obvious that the first scientific criterion must be the diameter of these viruses. 


100.000 €


Since we know that the measles virus does not exist and cannot exist with knowledge of 

biology and medicine, and since we know the real causes of measles very well, but fear is 

increasing ("Not vaccinating is child abuse", "It's not dying, but wasting away", "The 

measles virus destroys the brain of the infected child over a long period of time"), we 

want to use the prize money to achieve


that people are educated and


that the educated people help the ignorant, and


the educated in the sense of the law to influence the actors.

It is in fact forbidden to claim falsehoods, thereby violating the dignity of human beings 

and on this basis, through vaccinations, harming physical integrity and the right to life.  

In Germany, the Federal Government has commissioned Dr. Mankertz to conduct 

independent research into the causes of measles within the framework of the law, i.e. the 

Basic Law and the Infection Protection Law (IfSG). Since she herself claims to be breeding

measles viruses, she must know the diameter of the measles virus.

She must be asked about the diameter of the measles virus, as she is responsible for the 

measles virus. 

Her address:

PD Dr. Annette Mankertz                                                                                                                 

Robert Koch Institute                                                                                                            

National Reference Centre for Measles, Mumps, Rubella                                                           

Nordufer 20, 13353 Berlin                                                                                                            

Tel: 030 / 18754-2516 or -2315, Fax: 030 / 18754-2598                                                           


The prize money will be paid out when a scientific publication is presented in which the 

existence of the measles virus is claimed and proven and its diameter is determined.

The prize money will not be paid if the diameter of the measles virus is determined only 

by models or drawings like this one (the original was printed with a funny graphic).


The way forward


If it turns out that Dr. Mankertz claims measles viruses without having any scientific proof, 

her behaviour - pretending that there is a measles virus - is unacceptable.

Her superior, to whom a complaint must then be made about Dr Mankertz, is:

Prof. Dr. Martin Mielke                                                                                                                    

Head of the Department of Applied Infection and Hospital Hygiene                                         

Robert Koch Institute                                                                                                                       

Nordufer 20, 13353 Berlin                                                                                                           

Phone: +49 / (0)30 / 454 722 33                                                                                             

Fax: +49 / (0)30 / 454 734 19                                                                                                        


If it turns out that Prof. Burger knows that Dr. Mankertz is working without a scientific and 

therefore legal basis and knows that Prof. Mielke is also working without a scientific and 

therefore legal basis with regard to the measles virus, a complaint about Prof. Burger 

must be lodged with the responsible person at the Federal Ministry of Health.

Please send me your enquiries and answers, which we will publish so that they can be 


Cause, prevention and therapy of measles

For those who would like to know in detail how measles is prevented and treated, we 

recommend our book "The Measles Scam". In this sense, all the best! Yours, Dr. Stefan 



(end of the reprint)



Opportunity and risk of the process

The chance of the process lies in the fact that it can lead to a reformation of medicine. We

all need scientific medicine that serves human beings, not historically grown dogmas, 

constraints and interests. Many doctors see this need, but have not yet found a solution 

as to how this can be done without loss of reputation and income.

Many fear this loss of reputation and income, so it is not surprising that the media has 

reported negatively and completely distorted about the process. After all, there is a lot to 

be said for it: if the idea of the measles virus collapses, there is a likelihood that all so-

called disease-causing viruses such as HIV, Ebola, influenza etc. will be recognised as 

inventions and control instruments in the process. Then vaccination would also no longer 

be justifiable.

Hundreds of recipients of the newsletter of 24.11.2011 wrote to the RKI and asked PD Dr. 

Annette Mankertz, who is responsible for the public assertion of the existence of the so-

called measles virus, for scientific proof of the existence of the measles virus and its 

alleged diameter. 

A hundred times Dr. Mankertz failed to inform the sovereign, the citizen, about the 

measles virus. Only one journalist replied at a time, claiming that the RKI only produced 

in-house, unpublished studies on the measles virus. The RKI also refused to publish these

alleged studies. 

In further correspondence on the measles virus evidence, the RKI admitted that the 

diameter of the measles virus could not be determined because the particles considered 

to be a virus had very different diameters. In the meantime, the Nobel Prize for Medicine 

awarded on 10.12.2013 has made it clear that it is quite normal vesicles of the cell nucleus 

with which the cells export and import, which were previously misinterpreted as disease-

causing viruses.

Although the RKI also admitted in the context of these enquiries that the vesicles, which 

were misinterpreted as measles viruses, consist of endogenous substances, it did not 

make public the consequence that the cell-specific vesicles, which had previously been 

issued as viruses, cannot be viruses. Disease-causing viruses are supposed to be 

something foreign to the body, against which the body's own immune system would 

produce defence bodies, so-called anti-bodies. Since the components of the cell that are 

misinterpreted as viruses are the body's own transport vesicles, for the research of which 

the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded in 2013, vaccinations cannot have any positive 


The management of the RKI, the senior officials in the Federal Ministry of Health and the 

Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag (lower house of parliament) have been 

contacted several times and asked to act according to the facts and the legal situation in 

order to immediately stop mass bodily harm caused by the vaccinations. To this day, 

however, they are still trying to maintain public claims about the existence of measles and 

other disease-causing viruses by remaining silent and doing nothing. Here, a positive turn 

of events for us can lead to a landslide change.

The risk of the trial is that we will be even more denigrated in the media and forced into 

financial abandonment by unnecessary and many legal actions.

Dr. Lanka is questioned by reporters in the courtroom

Background to the trial

The fact that a young doctor, David Bardens, has filed a lawsuit in order to receive the 

€100,000 tendered, increases the likelihood that the topic of "betting that there is no 

measles virus! The non-expert doctor, who has never conducted independent laboratory 

research and has no doctorate, claims to have been outraged at the questioning of the 

existence of the measles virus and to have vaccinated himself with non-recommended 


Doubts about his motivation are justified. The trial was made public via an illegal internet 

site, long before it became lis pendens. There was information about the trial to left-wing 

extremist criminals who work anonymously on the internet without an imprint and who, in 

their forum, demand the murder of people who question vaccination and other dogmas of 

western university medicine.

The magazine DER SPIEGEL copied from this page and thus made the process public 

nationwide. The local press has also taken over the topic from the left-wing extremists 

and managed to make even uncritical people think and research through even more 

extreme polemics. During this time, the singer Marla Glen jumped to my side and gave a 

sensationally good benefit concert for the 100,000 vaccination victims in Germany on 

April 23, 2014, in Montfort Castle in Langenargen, my birthplace and place of work. See 

our newsletter of 17.4.2014 in the newsletter archive on our website 


We will continue the started fundraising campaign "1,000 for 100,000", which was also the

motto of Marla Glen's benefit concert, and will promote it as soon as the DVD of the 

benefit concert is released. Please see the videos "Marla Glen at Lake Constance" and 

"The measles lie" on YouTube, an interview with me about the trial.

My impression on the first day of the trial, 11.4.2014, was that the court wanted to reject 

David Bardens' claim, as the requirements for proof had not been met by a publication of 

the RKI. When the latter, after including the text of the competition in the court minutes 

and after consultation, publicly testified that he only read the first page of the competition

and that the Infection Protection Act would confuse him, the court could not expose the 

young doctor and thus orthodox medicine to public ridicule. At the date of the 

announcement on 24 April 2014, the court then proposed an expert to examine the six 

publications submitted by David Bardens to see whether they contained evidence of the 

existence of the measles virus.

I rejected this expert proposed by the court because I was concerned about his bias, 

which is why the files are now at the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court. This expert is not 

subordinate to the RKI. The ideal candidate would be Dr. Mankertz of the RKI, head of the 

National Reference Centre for Measles, who has already admitted that she and the RKI 

have no scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus. 


Thank you very much for your support

When my colleagues wanted to report on the trial on our website, David Bardens 

immediately had it legally banned, although he himself repeated these statements in 

interviews later. We were therefore unable to publish the already completed issue no. 

3/2014 of our magazine WissenschafftPlus.

We asked for and received support in the newsletter of 14.5.2014 ("Turbulent Times"), so 

that we can publish this special issue of WissenschafftPlus, continue the process and, 

after legal review, report on the process again. Many thanks to all donors for their 


Every legal action in this process is associated with great costs, which is why we continue 

to ask for support so that we can keep the process financially viable. Please support us 

with a donation to our account of WissenschafftPlus, account no.: 705 906 800, bank 

code: 700 100 80, IBAN: DE 7770 0100 8007 0590 6800, BIC: PBNKDEFF 

We will announce all further progress in the process via newsletter and document it on 

our website.


The six publications of David Bardens

David Bardens sent me six publications dated 31.1.2012, claiming that he had thus 

provided proof of the existence of the measles virus and claimed the €100,000 prize 

money. I informed him that the publications were not publications of the RKI, that they did 

not comply with the requirements of the IfSG, that they deeply violated scientific 

principles and, moreover, that they only described cell-specific components and 

processes, but no virus. 

He then filed a complaint with his oral statement of 11 April 2014, stating that he had only 

read page one of the three-page competition and that he did not understand the Infection

Protection Act (IfSG). In its paragraphs, the IfSG calls upon all parties involved in the field 

of infection to carry out scientific work at the current state of science and technology and 

obliges the RKI to conduct independent research on the causes of infectious diseases, i.e.

independent research on the alleged measles virus.

However, since the vesicles in the cells that have been misinterpreted as viruses are 

transport vesicles that are formed to export and import substances into and out of the 

cells, these vesicles are not stable, vary in size and composition outside of the tissues, 

making it impossible to isolate these vesicles and characterise their components, 

including determination of their diameter.

To enable every reader to form his or her own opinion of the "scientific" evidence David 

Bardens has presented to me and now to the Court, I will quote the titles and authors of 

the six publications and comment on their content.

Enders JF, Peebles TC. Propagation in tissue cultures of cytopathogenic agents 

from patients with measles. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1954 Jun;86(2):277–286.

As the title suggests, cells in the test tube were killed by the experiment and the dying of 

the cells was output as an effect of viruses, which were never seen, isolated, 

characterised and photographed then and up to now. Anyone can recognise the fraud, as 

no control experiments were carried out, which are absolutely essential in science.

The control experiment is that the cells in the test tube are treated in the same way, with 

the same but sterilised liquid. This control experiment must be carried out and 

documented in order to rule out that the way the experiment is carried out and the 

chemicals used are not the cause of the death of the cells in the test tube. 

If no control experiments are conducted or published, no scientist may ascribe any 

probative value to his experiment or claim that his statements are scientific. Since science

fraud has not been defined as a criminal offence, "scientists" believe they can do 

whatever they want without being held responsible. From a criminal law point of view, 

"science" acts outside any control. 

Only in Germany is science and scholarship guaranteed by the Basic Law, Article 5, 

Sentence 3 ("Art and science, research and teaching are free. The freedom of teaching 

does not release from loyalty to the constitution") is bound by the constitution and thus 

by the law. This expressly prohibits violations of dignity and bodily harm through 

"scientific" misleading. This is the reason why I have bound the awarding of the prize to 

German law, the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) and thus to the Basic Law. In practice, 

however, some "scientists" and "researchers" behave as if they have only read the first 

sentence of Article 5 (3) of the Basic Law and believe that they are free of all obligations. 

Bech V, Magnus Pv. Studies on measles virus in monkey kidney tissue cultures. 

Acta Pathol Microbiol Scand. 1959; 42(1): 75–85

The authors repeated the same trick of the authors of 1 and did not perform control 

experiments. In Germany, the performance of control experiments is mandatory in state 

science; another reason why the criteria for the award of the Measles Virus Prize were 

bound by German law.

Horikami SM, Moyer SA. Structure, Transcription, and Replication of Measles Virus. 

Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 1995; 191: 35–50.

This is a review that only lists the claims of other "scientists" without documenting or 

naming the scientific evidence. This publication is not from the RKI and dates from the 

time before the introduction of the IfSG on 1.1.2001.

Nakai M, Imagawa DT. Electron microscopy of measles virus replication. J Virol. 

1969 Feb; 3(2): 187–97.

Here, cell-own transport bubbles are photographed in cell cultures, for which the Nobel 

Prize for Medicine was awarded in 2013. These vesicles could never be isolated or their 

composition determined. Such structures were never seen in humans and never in the 

skin lesions that are passed off as measles. The evidence that these vesicles are 

independent structures that come from outside is completely lacking.

Lund GA, Tyrell, DL, Bradley RD, Scraba DG. The molecular length of measles virus 

RNA and the structural organization of measles nucleocapsids. J Gen Virol. 1984 

Sep;65 (Pt 9):1535–42.

The authors have cells produce messenger substance (RNA) in the test tube and claim 

that this RNA comes from a virus that appears nowhere, has been photographed, isolated 

and its components determined. Only if parts of an isolated virus have been detected and 

identified could one believe that the same or similar parts could also come from a virus. 

However, if the virus and its components are not known, it cannot be claimed that any 

molecules are components of a virus. The procedure is the same for all claims about 

viruses that cause illness: You take pictures of bubbles or threads in cells, pass them off 

as viruses and later produce molecules that are passed off as components of the virus.

Daikoku E, Morita C, Kohno T, Sano K. Analysis of Morphology and Infectivity of 

Measles Virus Particles. Bulletin of the Osaka Medical College. 2007; 53(2): 107–14.

The authors perform experiments with cell cultures as in publication No. 4, without 

isolating a virus and determining its components. They all work with cell cultures obtained

from the inventors of the measles virus, which are considered to be infected. In fact, such 

"infected" cell cultures are bought and often claimed without checking whether the 

package actually contains what is in it.

The authors note that the vesicles they present as measles virus would have a diameter 

of 50nm to 1000nm. This proves that they cannot be viruses, but rather cell-specific 

vesicles, which typically have this size. 

With the submission of these publications, which in content and form do not meet the 

criteria of my call for proposals of 24.11.2011, the physician David Bardens has proven that

the allegations about the existence of measles viruses are an error up to scientific fraud, 

as the clearly defined criteria of scientific work were violated by all authors involved.



Remarks of the translator:

¹ The Robert Koch Institute is the German government's central institution for the 

identification, surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases in the Portfolio of the 

German Ministry of Health.

² Today Dr. Stefan Lanka no longer claims to have isolated a virus, but has understood 

that these structures are phages. You can read more about this in the article 

Misinterpreation of Virus Part 1.

³ "Die Linke" The Left Party is a German communist party that emerged after the fall of 

the Wall from the SED, the unity party in the GDR.




Translated, adapted & reblogged Version - Original here

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