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Power to remove you from your home and your family and forcibly vaccinated.


 Freeman, [7 Feb 2021 at 02:00:49]:

Coronavirus Bill: emergency Covid-19 legislation - House of Lords Library

The bill proposes new laws that would provide the Government, and various public bodies, with powers to manage the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.


Ravi Freeman, [7 Feb 2021 at 02:00:49]:

The U.K. govt new bill is terrifying - lawfully dissenting is our reproach under common law...


Coming into law-UK


Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122)


The emergency Coronavirus Bill will be rushed through as LAW


Today sees the 2nd reading, if passed it will immediately proceed to 3rd and on. And contains the most draconian powers ever proposed in peace-time Britain.

This WILL BE rushed through Parliament and the powers will last two years


New powers WILL affect OUR freedom and take away OUR rights - And this is how the main body, potentially translates as...


* Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.

KIDNAPPING with no accountability


* Authorities can FORCIBLY take biological samples from your body.

Human rights rights REMOVED


* There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.

Financial crisis or remedies DENIED


* Powers last up to 2.5 years

Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures.



* State surveillance safeguards weakened.

Track & Trace will be used as the equivalent of monitoring travel, and where ELECTRONIC TAG - Your mobile 


* Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act lowered.

If you put up any belligerence or defensive, the establishment can SHUT YOU DOWN and a permanent record placed against you


* Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.

TO DENY EVIDENCE of murder by lethal injection for no medical reason


* Changes to the Court system. The total REMOVAL of personal and civil rights, under Common Law


* Registration of deaths, will state Covid


* No inquests into suspicious deaths! 

DENYING challenges the BS of dying from an ear ache justifys death by lethal injection 


* No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations!

FAST TRACK cover up


It also indemnifies the Health Service should they fail for what ever reason to provide care.

They can literally murder, with no investigation


The most frightening part?


* Only ONE medical 'officer' is required to sign off COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER which means... 


In the real world you can be forced to accept medication. Or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit


THAT is the biggest and worst threat to your own freedoms


 Schedule 8 Pt1.**


Local Authorities will now be exempted from compliance with their duties under The Care Act 2014. Schedule 11


The BBC won’t be telling you that bit... 


So. If someone dies in police custody or any type of custody they can simply dispose of the body without any paperwork medical exam or certification or inquest


Get the facts...






OUR GOVERNMENT HAS DECLARED WAR against us all - For a non pandemic, they classified as a flu.


Now tell me THIS IS ABOUT stopping the spread of Coronavirus that's factually a weaponised Seasonal flu

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