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This was posted on a social media page.

It seems to be authentic but I have seen no evidence as yet

Employers, Drs, nurses and all healthcare workers especially need to know this:

I have contacted ACAS, unions, employment law solicitors and barristers as well as business insurance firms to ask about employer's liability in respect of mask wearing, use of sanitiser, covid testing and vaccination and any adverse reactions.

Business insurance does NOT cover employers for any known risk.

1) the masks are known to cause bacterial pneumonia as proven by many published scientific studies

2) the masks are known to cause impetigo and other skin infections

3) the covid tests are known to generate 93% false positives influencing workers to isolate etc

4) the MRHA expects a high volume of adverse reactions to the vaccine to be reported

5) sanitiser is known to cause dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis etc

Therefore the employer is not covered for liability in case of employee's suffering in respect of any of the above. An employer cannot enforce any of the above either due to the risks involved. However, should an employer insist upon their staff wearing masks, using sanitiser, being tested and/or vaccinated then the employer as an individual is personally liable. All employees being forced to comply with any of the above must issue their employer with a personal notice of liability. Plus an employer cannot dismiss or discipline any employee for failing to abide by the above because of the risks involved to the employee personally whether or not a formal risk assessment is in place, otherwise they risk being taken to tribunal.

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