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Dear Sir,




You indicated in your previous correspondence that you voted to impose lockdowns.


I am sure that you didn’t take this decision lightly and would not have just been a foot soldier, blindly following orders. Your decision has had such an impact on your constituents, not only their livelihoods but on their health. I believe that you are not a foot soldier and I am sure that you will have wanted to know the answer to this simple question before voting to impose lockdowns.


How many people would possibly die through lockdown measures compared to how many lives will be saved by lockdown?


What was the data that you used and which research papers did you consult?  


I know that you cannot believe everything that you read in the newspapers but according to the Times, the government has a ‘secret dossier’ with statistics from the ONS that tell them the data regarding an impact assessment of the consequences of lockdowns. The data tells them how many people would possibly die through lockdown measures compared to how many lives will be saved by lockdown.

I believe that this data has been requested by backbench mps but the government have refused to release the data.


The data tells them that lockdown kills.


There is a piece of research done regarding this question by a Professor of Risk Management, Philip Thomas from Bristol University.  Steven Adams the Medical Editor for the Mail on Sunday states - (November 2020) that lockdown will claim the equivalent of 560,000 lives because of the impact of the deep and prolonged recession. And 10% of that figure will die through Covid. 


The UN have said that hundreds of thousand of children will die because of lockdowns.


How many people benefit – well most of SAGE and the pub landlord, turned PPE provider, friend of Hancock and Sunak’s hedge fund etc.  There is more I could say about this but will leave it to the BMJ who say that what they are doing is criminal.  This is ONE of the world’s oldest and most respected medical journals publishing a scathing and damning attack on theour Government, saying

“science is being suppressed for political and financial gain” in the mould of “some of history’s worst autocrats and dictators”.


I have read conflicting reports and information about vaccines.

I am sure that you will agree, that when we are talking about something, that it’s important for us all to have the same thing in mind, the same concept in mind when it is being mentioned so there is no misunderstanding i.e. an apple is an apple – we all understand that.


In a previous correspondence you mentioned a vaccine.


Please could you give me your interpretation or definition as to what constitutes a vaccine?

Or perhaps you could clear up this anomaly by quoting what definition the government uses to define it?


And from that definition could you please tell me if this (for want of a better word) ‘substance’ that has been produced by Pfizer and Moderna, that is being injected into people - is it a vaccine or a treatment.  


In simple terms, can you categorically say if it is a vaccine? or a treatment?


I do a lot of research and try to use trusted sources, people who are well qualified to give their opinions. BMJ, The Lancet, Government sites ONS, etc plus professors, doctors etc whose areas are immunology, microbiology, virology and statistics etc. People who have nothing to gain and no conflicts of interests.

Perhaps I should just be researching information documented by SAGE i.e. from people who you trust - mainly behaviourists, statisticians and modellers.  All who have documented conflicts of interests. Perhaps we should put our trust in people like Ferguson – someone who always gets his figure right all the time and has a great track record - NOT? Perhaps, I am wrong and he does get the figures right. Perhaps the press only report worst-case scenarios, perhaps the government act, solely, on his worst-case scenarios?  But didn’t he amend his figure from over 500,000 to a lot less – 20,000 or 5000? So, his first prediction was wrong.  And what about his predictions as to what would happen in Sweden with NO LOCDOWNS. 


From October, UnHerd -

 “when academics adapted Ferguson’s model to Sweden, it predicted 96,000 deaths by the end of June. Ferguson himself said on 25 April that Sweden’s daily deaths would ‘increase day by day. It is clearly a decision for the Swedish government whether it wishes to tolerate that.’

In fact, the daily number of deaths had already peaked by then – barely a week after they peaked in Britain – and the cumulative total currently stands at less than 6,000. When a prediction is so far off, it should command attention.”


Ferguson’s record has been reported in many places.  This is from the Spectator. Perhaps they are lying?

Imperial College epidemiologist Neil] Ferguson was behind the disputed research that sparked the mass culling of eleven million sheep and cattle during the 2001 outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. He also predicted that up to 150,000 people could die. There were fewer than 200 deaths. . . .

In 2002, Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people would likely die from exposure to BSE (mad cow disease) in beef. In the U.K., there were only 177 deaths from BSE.

In 2005, Ferguson predicted that up to 150 million people could be killed from bird flu. In the end, only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.

In 2009, a government estimate, based on Ferguson’s advice, said a “reasonable worst-case scenario” was that the swine flu would lead to 65,000 British deaths. In the end, swine flu killed 457 people in the U.K.

Last March, Ferguson admitted that his Imperial College model of the COVID-19 disease was based on undocumented, 13-year-old computer code that was intended to be used for a feared influenza pandemic, rather than a coronavirus. Ferguson declined to release his original code so other scientists could check his results. He only released a heavily revised set of code last week, after a six-week delay.

So the real scandal is: Why did anyone ever listen to this guy?

And from Behind the Black -

As COVID-19 numbers have come in, Ferguson downgraded his predictions, lowering his UK prediction from 500,000 to only 20,000. At this moment the death toll in the Great Britain is under 9,000. It is very unlikely it will reach Ferguson’s revised number. And even if that number ends up close to accurate, it just illustrates that Ferguson’s ability to predict is garbage. His only accurate number was issued on March 26, when almost anyone could have made a prediction of reasonable accuracy.


On March 19th 2020 – Covid was downgraded from a HCID (high consequence infectious disease) 

 but predictions were 500,000 deaths if no lockdowns.  A few days later parliament votes on the Coronorvirus Act, under the impression it was still a HCID (they were not informed of the downgrading). Within days after the vote Ferguson’s figures are revised to 20,000.


This is what was said about revising their downgrading:


“They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.”


But…, Ferguson had just predicted that there could be 500,000 deaths. At that point he had not officially revised them. How could they know that the mortality rates would be “low overall”, at the time they voted?  They voted for the Act on the prediction of 500,000 deaths if lockdowns etc were not imposed!


Back to your reply to my email…


In your reply you start by saying:

“As the Prime Minister said, in less than a year, this disease has killed almost a million people worldwide and caused havoc to economies everywhere.”


I will take that sentence in 3 parts:


1          “…the Prime Minister said..”


Can we believe what he says?


Some things came to light about our Dictator -


1 In a video he states £60 million was being “Spaffed” up the wall on police investigations into historic child abuse. In a later interview he denies saying it.

He said it in a recorded interview!


2 He was sacked by Michael Howard for lying about an affair.


3 He lied about care workers when he said they have had a 12.8% pay rise.


4 EU Withdrawal Agreement.


5 Other lies about the recent figures in connection to the pandemic were exposed by Theresa May in parliament and our Dictator, rudely walks out.


6 We have Prime Minister who, also, lies about Newscorp phone hacking5, 


7 Child Poverty


Test and Trace


Plus: Elm House paedophilia, Yeo taxi emissions, Skripal guilt and Northern Ireland.  I have not included reference for the last 4 but will do if needed.


And there is a lot more!


I think that we have found one definition of a serial liar.


I am a conservative and former party member.  I never wanted Boris as leader as I believe that there are more morally aware and better people to do the job. My choice was always Steve Baker, he has integrity, he did an excellent job on the ERG and generally seems to be a decent guy.  But Boris carries on lying his way through interviews – even Andrew Marr made him look a complete buffoon recently as he answered questions like a bumbling idiot with hardly a coherent thing said. I don’t follow polls but I saw a recent one where the results were that if an election was held tomorrow then Boris would lose his seat and the Tories would lose their majority. Something needs to be done about him and Hancock (“I didn’t say we follow the science”).  Their lies will be exposed.



2. The second part of your reply, “…this disease has killed almost a million people worldwide…”


Could you show the official, verifiable, statistics for this? Deaths with autopsy reports stating/ proving specifically that the cause of death is attributed to Covid19?  Were they tested positive using PCR tests? If so then they are over 90% inaccurate.  That is according to Boris – or is he lying about that?


Here are some, apparently, official figures, not sure how many autopsies were done and PCR tests came back positive… but -


Towards the end of last year, the number of people whose deaths were attributed to CV, in England, without Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, is 1,664 aged 0 to 112. The population of England is approx. 56 million.

That means the fatality rate is just 0.0029% for all ages, with NO known pre-existing medical conditions.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81, the average age of death from this virus in the UK is 82.4 years old, with or without Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

Source of Information: NHS England, ONS (Office for National Statistics) and The Times Newspaper. These NHS figures are freely available on their website here:


I’m sure that you know all of the statistics for Newcastle under lyme, and I apologise if you are aware of the following statistics, but just in case…


Every week all medical practitioners have to report any suspected covid patients to an appointed department.

Note the word SUSPECTED.  They don’t have to prove, by a test or otherwise, that the patient has it.

The data is on a Government website, it has all the data for each of the 52 weeks last year.

I have collated all this data for 270 hospitals and made an Excel spreadsheet. If would like to see it then I can send it.


Last year 2020 - Our 2 hospitals Stoke and Newcastle reported 61 suspected cases!


Check it out.  The website is:


Newcastle had 12 in total – check out the data for Weeks 48,46, 43,41,39,29,27,25,18


Less than 14,000 for the whole year!

That averages out to less than 1 reported case per week.  


But the other figures from the MSM say we are one of the worst in the world!


Pandemic? Someone is not singing from the same hymn sheet.




Flawed tests showing cases, that may not even be cases, recorded on Death Certificates as covid.  If someone dies within 60 days of having a positive PCR test, it goes down as Covid, even if they get run over by a bus! When are you going to acknowledge that a positive test does not mean infection, does not mean someone is ill, does not mean that you have Covid.  Kerry Mullis, the inventor of the test says it! 


The courts around the world are starting to agree – Portugal started – the court there stated that lockdowns based on PCR tests are not reliable. 


The hospitals have seasonal flu – oh no they don’t it’s all covid.  The ONS has been putting flu and covid as one joint statistic since October!! 


I had my letter to get a flu jab this year.  What’s the point?  Flu has been eradicated!



3. The third part of your sentence, “…caused havoc to economies everywhere…”


What is the definition of ‘havoc’ in this case?


The ‘virus’ has not caused any havoc to any economies. The way that governments have reacted and handled the situation determines the state of the economies.


Data from the BBC:

Up to August the UK economy’s 20.4% contraction was well above the 9.8% drop for the 37 OECD nations as a whole, the think tank said.


Among other G7 nations, second-quarter GDP declined by 13.8% in France, while Italy, Canada and Germany suffered falls of 12.4%, 12% and 9.7% respectively.


China’s economy has actually improved.


According to certain data espoused by a certain ‘journalist’, when interviewing Michael Gove on TV, we have:


  • Spent more money on this virus than any other comparable country.

  • Have the worst economic performance than any other comparable country.

  • Have the worst death toll of any comparable country, the worst death toll in the whole of Europe – heading to over 70,000 deaths (according to the Financial Times).  More than all the civilians who died in WWII.


And Gove has the audacity to say that this is not a failure on their part.


70,000 Deaths and the Economy contracts by over 20%

What is it? A resounding success?



Back to treatments for the virus


Ivermectin is being used with spectacular results.  One doctor described it as a miracle drug.


The WHO’s (prove me wrong because I can’t find my source) trial was JUST hydroxychloroquine alone and in doses that were questionable.  The report states:


“…evidence showed it did not result in the reduction of mortality of hospitalised COVID-19 patients…”


‘It’ being JUST hydroxychloroquine. And “hospitalised” patients.


That is not my point, I am not disagreeing with that.


IT has proved to be successful when used in the correct dosage with other drugs, i.e. zinc and other drugs AND pre-hospitalisation.  IN one case 1700 treated and only 1 hospitalised. (I have the video of the doctor being interviewed.)


There are many, well documented, reports to support this.


Why don’t we see the promotion of Zinc and vitamin D? – this provides fantastic protection.   Compare research of Japanese people versus Italians.


Both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are on the WHO list of approved drugs.


The vaccine – 

According to a report in the BMJ the NNTV and Absolute Risk Reduction values are figures to look at.


We have Pfizer with a Vax Effectiveness of over 90%.


Perhaps we can compare the values of the Measles vaccine which is quite a good vaccine to Pfizer’s -. 

If the ARR (Absolute Risk Reduction) and the NNTV (Number needed to be vaccinated for it to be effective in 1 person) compare.  I am sure that I can convince my 88-year-old mother and other relatives to take it. Your government must have these numbers, could you please pass on these numbers and also how Moderna’s vaccine compares?


One more statistic:


According to NHS England there were 8166 free beds in December 2019 and there were 12,663 available in December 2020, and that's with the NHS cutting back 13,000 beds due to reconfiguration and social distancing in wards. actually 17,497 more free beds than 2019? They must be lying because the MSM are reporting differently.

It is worth noting that the NHS has been underfunded for years (but that is another debate) and, due to constant testing of the NHS staff this year, with inaccurate tests giving out false positives results, nurses have been forced to self-isolate, it is no wonder hospitals have been understaffed.


I believe that more mistakes were made by the Dictator and Hancock – it has come to my attention that the first lockdown was illegal as we went into lockdown on the 16/3/2020 yet it didn't get royal assent until 25/03/2020. But they can do what they like as they think they are untouchable.  I’m sure that you will have an excuse for that and condone it.


I understand that you must tow the party line – but take a look at what Reiner Fuelmich is doing.


Kind Regards

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