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How to petition the Crown for redress of grievances

For anyone attending any SITP in UK follow this advice from Hugh Goggin

For anyone attending London on this coming Saturday, this should be of great interest.


Please do feel free to pass on as much as possible to interested groups on all social media platforms and through more conventional channels.


Art 5 the Bill of Rights 1688 confirms the common law right to petition the Crown for redress of grievances and it PROHIBITS one being arrested and charged for doing that.
If we lodge BEFOREHAND a declaration that we intend to petition the Crown for redress of grievances, this communication will be admissible evidence to prove our intent and lack of recklessness should we be arrested. Any charges would be dismissed. 
Constables are briefed before operations. That declaration will be available as disclosure if we are arrested and charged. It will prove whether The Commissioner properly directed her subordinates, or not. 
All you need to do is copy and paste the text of the advice I have sent to Cressida Dick below and send it yourself duly personalised. There is no need to hide your identity in this case, indeed, it stands you in honour. I would suggest that you also send a copy of it to the Chief Constables of every county you will be travelling through and the British Transport Police. It is important that petitioning is your reason for attending the gathering, not protesting. It remains that the police have no right to demand your details etc when travelling to/from and attending the gathering (Neale v DPP 2021).
If you are fined or arrested and you would like to take this further after the event (yes there is further), please contact me. The more of us do this, the greater the chances we will not be attacked violently but more importantly, the greater the chances all Chief Constables and the Met Commissioner withdraw their support from the Government in this evil agenda.
The links will land you on a page that will ask you to click START. Do this.
Fill in your details on the next page. Enter Cressida Dick in the ‘name’ box and New Scotland Yard as her station. Repeat this for all of the other forces relevant to you. What matters is not that you reach the right person but that you have informed your intention.
Copy and paste the text below starting FAO Dame Cressida Dick.
Submit. You will be sent emails from each force to confirm receipt and given a reference number. This is your evidence. Ignore requests for location as none of us will know until the morning.
You will need to search the equivalent website addresses of the police forces you will travel through. Hopefully we all come from different enough directions that most forces are affected. You have until Saturday 24.04.21 noon to lodge this advice but the sooner the better. Imagine if there was a torrent of declarations!
There were very few arrests on 20.03.21 when measured against the greatest number of participants so far. Was this plan, disseminated on 19.03.21, part of the reason behind that? Maybe. Please share.

FAO Dame Cressida Dick
dba Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis
Dame Cressida Dick,
I write to lodge proof of intent that I will be exercising my common law rights to petition the Crown on Saturday 24th April 2021 from noon onwards. These rights are protected by Art 5 the Bill of Rights 1688. 
As you will know, the Bill of Rights confirms the common law right to petition the Crown for redress of grievances and it prohibits one being arrested and charged for doing that. 
Hugh Goggin

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