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At the beginning of 2020 we were all stunned by the news that there was a killer virus spreading around the globe.

For the first few weeks I carried on as normal -  soon, we would hear on the news about the deaths in China.  Pictures of bodies on the streets, then the coffins in Italy.  This was serious. 

A virus that had escaped from a place called Wuhan.  Bats were involved - was it because they ate the bats? So much speculation and fear. 

I cannot remember the exact date  I saw Boris, just the once, on TV.  Flanked by 2 faces that I did not recognise, behind lecterns that had stripy tape on them to emphasise the danger of the situation.

Other people began tuning in, diligently, every afternoon to their TV for their update from the 3 wise men, the Holy Trinity at their lecterns telling us how many deaths there had been in the last 24 hours.  Telling us how afraid we should be.

We carried on - January and February playing golf, out walking in the Peak District, watching live football.  It seemed like we were on a train every week, sometimes twice a week watching Stoke play in London and around the North of England.  On March 14th the match in Reading was cancelled but we had train tickets booked so off we went for a day out in Oxford - 4 of us had a great day out.  It was the first time that I was aware that I needed to distance myself from people I didn't know.  I saw people wearing masks, walking the streets.  I remember one of my friends saying that according to government information, "Masks are useless."  What a contentious statement that turned out to be.

As lockdown started,  I had a mild flu type illness with a persistent cough and for a few weeks very tight lungs when walking steep hills.  It was February/March, a winter bug.  Probably.  I carried on working through it but to stay on the safe side I didn't get close to anybody, especially my 87 year old mother, for a couple of weeks.

Lockdown came and went.  We were lucky, the weather was good, the sun shone.  I walked the country lanes and through the local woods, areas that I would jog along many years ago. Passing lots of people, on my way, enjoying the fresh air and good weather.
At times, there were those many people out running, cycling and walking that it was reminiscent of a sponsored walk or the Duke of Edinburgh Awards taking place.  
I had time to think and that lead to a lot of questions. I needed some answers,  All these deaths and all I saw was fear mongering in the media.  At that point I didn't know why.  I soon stopped watching mainstream media altogether, eventually cancelling my TV licence. I started to feel much better.  I started to read more from doctors and professors with expertise in virology and immunology.  I started to do some research, to educate myself.  That was the start.

Here we are... 1 year later -

I've done a fair bit of sharing my perspective in a loving inclusive way lately. I don't see sides. 


I see good people who don't see they've been coerced and lied to and good people who CAN see they've been coerced and lied to. That's all.



Here is my stance - 

If all my friends and family got injected and were harassing me to get it, laughing at me and calling me stupid, I STILL wouldn't do it. 




If my partner said, "I'm getting it" I would interpret that as a clear sign from the universe that we're not meant to be together anymore.


If shops stopped letting me in I would shop somewhere else.


If I had a child in school and it was required for my child then I would take them out of school.

If the community I was in began treating me differently, I would move somewhere else.

If my job said I needed it, I would quit.

I HAVE had close friends and also members of my family who have had it and give me all the 'reasons' why: "So we can return to normal, so I can go on holiday, my friends are getting it, my job is forcing me to it, I'm feeling peer pressure."


I'm still not, nor will I, ever. I can recognise a bold faced lie when I see one. I know well enough that anything that requires coercion is not good for you at best and terrible for you at worst.  All the research that I have done is here, in this site.  It did not take long to see through the lies.

This is apartheid. Not by race anymore but by medical tyranny. 

Do I let big pharma and the government invade my very body and immune system with an experiment or not?

These are the early days of a mass genocide attempt, the likes of which will make the Holocaust look trivial. 


I don't blame you if you don't see it, but that is what it is. The people coercing you to take it are the same ones who've been preaching how over populated the earth is. Connect the dots. They don't love you. They want you out of the way.


Thankfully, there are 100's of MILLIONS seeing this for what it is and so the plan will fail and humanity will win. I believe it already has.


Look around you. Se the families walking around muzzled. See the surveillance. See the signage and police and fear and ask yourself did doing as the TV told me make things better over the last months? 


If, when this started, everyone said 'Stuff your 2-week Iockdown to flatten the curve' and didn't believe the fake news of people dropping in the streets, which let's be honest, no one has seen ONCE for real in 12 months, there would be no pandemic. After the first couple of months I kept saying - if people stopped taking the flawed, useless tests, there would be no cases. With no cases, the government could not have forced more lockdowns. How often do you need an x-ray for a broken arm if you have no pain or swelling or any indication that it may actually be injured?  There is just fear.


In a real pandemic the government would be trying to stop people from panicking and being afraid, not bombarding them with lies – read it in their documents, 2 months in – their advisers were saying that the public need to be more afraid. In a year, their figures state that less than 1000 people under 60 have died from covid. THEIR figures.  Why do you need an experimental mRNA jab that, in all the previous trials, killed all the animals? None survived! Read the ingredients. People do more research in to holiday destinations than to the poisons that are injected into their bodies by a pharmaceutical industry that is not liable for any injuries.

I have tried to carry on as normal.  I go for walks in the countryside, I meet up with friends (new friends that I have met taking the same journey).   I go to their houses every week, I hug my mum.  I do not social distance.  Very often, I am the only one in a shop not wearing a mask.  I have been challenged and verbally abused. Sometimes it would be easier to conform - If they worked and there was something dangerous that they are capable of providing protection from then I would be the first to use them.  They are useless and dangerous.


If you are on the fence, and you see this and make the right choice then you know you will not be alone. We, who see, stand with you and we are 100's of millions strong.

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