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Something discussed - SAGE's insistence that some people believe that the virus is no great threat and these people need to be coerced by more fear. A government paper, last March.  I made my MP aware of these tactics last September.  They are only now coming to light

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A brief summary of the CV Act

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The people in the video (above) are Matt Hancock and Dr Luke Evans who also happens to be a Conservative MP


The video was filmed just after lockdown in April 2020 and was a commons Committee meeting 


A straight translation from the Greek for good death is euthanasia and the parties are talking about having enough of a drug called midazolam as well as morphine to enact this. Midazolam was previously used in lethal injections in the states but withdrawn as it was deemed too inhumane 


The wider issues are the implementation of an involuntary euthanasia policy in hospitals, care homes and hospices during lockdown, taking place without the consent of patients and family. As we know euthanasia is illegal in the UK

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Government Plans


Uploaded 25th April 2021

“This is from a Government whistleblower of a possible roadmap of the next 7 months. Obviously, I'm not sure how accurate it is and I'm praying it's not true but for everyone seeing this, maybe you should save this post for future reference. If any of this comes to fruition then, as we know, this is all planned out and that it is now time for everyone to wake up.


A Whitehall source directly linked to the Covid Response has said that the UK Government have already structured a detailed plan designed to neutralise each stage of Lockdown easing, including the compliance of media outlets to help with spreading the fear message. 

The Whitehall source has said that he has been "increasingly concerned" with how the Government are behaving, and that their "relationship with the truth" is now not even on nodding terms. The latest plan will involve a series of 'crises' around drug supply, mutant strains, and third waves, specifically choreographed to condition the public for further lockdowns and vaccine passports. The plan, that is designed to take us to September 27th 2021, is to be released in stages over the summer months and, according to the Whitehall source, is already 'well underway'. 

On March the 8th, the first milestone of the roadmap was implemented, with school children finally returning to class. The following day Chris Whitty gave a pre-written speech to the Commons that said schools reopening would cause another surge in the virus and ended it with "Let me be clear, many, many more people will die before this is over" the soundbite obligingly repeated on every news outlet, with BBC news having it on-loop all day. 

On March the 29th, the second milestone of the roadmap was implemented. The Government said: The evidence shows that it is safer for people to meet outdoors rather than indoors. And this is why from 29 March, when most schools start to break up for the Easter holidays, outdoor gatherings (including in private gardens) of either 6 people (the Rule of 6) or 2 households will also be allowed, making it easier for friends and families to meet outside. The next day (March 30th) the AstraZeneca Vaccine was again stopped due to blood clots fears, despite the medicine's regulator clearing it only the previous week. Whilst Boris Johnson repeated what he'd said the previous week that the mutated virus on the continent would inevitably "wash up on our shores".

On April 19th, the third milestone saw pub gardens, and non-essential shops reopen. Followed immediately by news of a second vaccine being halted for fear it was causing blood clots and the discovery of the South African mutation said to be able to avoid them anyway. 

The next milestone is due on May 17th with the Government relaxing social contact rules further and the opening of indoor venues. This will be followed by a story that the mutation is 'more deadly than first thought' and that young people are now also vulnerable to it, accompanied by the result of the vaccine passport trials have shown that they have a 'positive effect on virus reduction'. 

The final milestone is due on June 21st where ALL restrictions were promised to be lifted. This will not be allowed to happen. Vaccine passports / Track and Trace will be mandatory, as will masks and social distancing. The entire week of the 21st will be taken up by a third wave, which will suddenly be 'rampant', and this will be attributed to the South African variant which will now be officially more deadly than what we have had previously. This will be accompanied with yet more issues with vaccine supplies. One of the vaccines will be said to be effective against the SA strain, but a 'problem' with its manufacture will emerge. 

The Whitehall source went on to say: "All the measures are aimed at two things, vaccine passports and lockdowns starting next winter" adding "The ultimate goal is to have the public back in their box." He went on to say: "note that Boris is now talking down vaccine's and bigging-up lockdowns, that wasn't a mistake by the way, that was all part of the plan". 

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